Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I realized one thing these days, that kids will always be kids. It's funny how they complained that the people were not open enough nor friendly enough to get to know them when all eyes can see that they themselves made no effort to make a difference.

I finished class at two today and after rushing my assignments and handing them up, I rushed all the way back just to book the campsite. The funny thing is I really feel dumb having to do that little thing because the committee should be doing it. And yes, I took heed of what people my batch said that I should not be that involved. I wonder if anyone understood that I am here to help not to be the main character of this event.

I hope you guys are happy, because it is all over now. Obviously the outsiders got pretty annoyed because I am the only one consistently calling them, updating them things that is totally out of my league. I hate it that you guys complain so much about everything when you guys ain't doing what you ought to be doing. I know I'm mean for saying this and probably because I don't understand you well enough and probably you guys have difficulties of your own. I just wanna voice out my opinion lar kay, because it's taken up too much time and I am very upset to see all this to go to waste and it is going down as I type now.

Once someone mentioned that it was offending when I said that none of you took effort to work the relationship with others, well, it's just so darn true isn't it? It's funny how some of you asked for our help and now that we're here, you expect us to do every little bit for you and be spoonfed and pampered to the extreme. A one man show I think I have just made a fool out of myself because till today, I really thought you guys have changed.

I must say, that I envy Jonathan because being as young as he, he could lead such a huge army with him. Not forgetting his humbleness as he approach people of all ages. I admire his character, his way of communicating and reaching out. Amazing really, and I don't think I have met a committee that could be compared to his. I respect this chap, and I am grateful for the friendship that we have built in just a short weekend, looking forward to our lunch appointment.

I'm nothing but purely disappointed with how the measure of God's work and the requirements of the world is weighed. I have exams too and so do you guys. But the funny thing is, none of them thought of me as well. Not that I'm whinning, but maybe take a minute to ponder how one should weigh priorities and handle them all well.... I have done my part, I have returned, I have loved and cared for them, but to no avail because they literally took us all for granted. It's time to draw the curtains and allow me and S especially, to leave the stage.

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