Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bohemian you

Apologies but I don't know what has got into me these few nights, but please, do not mention his name for the time being. I think I lost my firm ground for a little while, so I think I need time to recuperate again. I think it suits him very much, "easy come easy go, I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy"

Someone asked me whether I still have feelings for you, funny, all this while my answer was a definite No, but yesterday night my answer was, "I don't know" The next question was, would I have a go at it again and ask you to come back, my answer was No. Would I accept you if you returned? Yes but I'm not hoping for it to happen because I'm very tired of it.

The next question made the person who asked it cry as it was voiced out, "Are you planning on accepting others in the future?" My answer was, "I am afraid to be fooled again but I would pray for someone that is meant to be with me"

You are right, I finally opened my eyes, I did for a quite some time now, but tonight I just felt like talking about you a little. This is reality, and you are "Queens". But I will continue to pray for you till you switch to Sonicflood again some time in the future I hope.

Your going led me to a phase that I have learnt alot from. Friends changed my life, people cleaned me up, only then I am someone new now. The road was long and winding and from what I gained, I lost a lot more as well. People who cleaned me up, I too lost.

I lost my way really, but you know what? Again, it was you who hinted me back on track, I'd like to say a silent thank you to you for ever singing "Draw me close to you" so genuinely back on 1st May 2007.

So this particular reader, I'm feeling a little uneasy, please help me out okay? Especially you know when. IF you ever remember of course

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