Friday, September 5, 2008


Let me review my schedule for today. It's been a hectic day but I felt good.

5.45am - Bathe cold water (to wake up)
6.00am- Pump petrol
6.15am- Call Jie guan and leave home
6.30am- Reach Jie guan's house
6.40am- Morning prayer (i was late, sorry)
8.00am- Reach home to bathe again
8.30am- Perodua service centre
8.45am- Fetch sis to work
9.00am- Market with mom
9.30am- Collect car from Perodua
10.00am- Anna's house
10.30am- ACS for CF practice
12.30pm- CF
1.30pm- Lunch
4pm - Seremban 2
5.30- Jie guan's house
6.oopm- Sis's office to pick her up
6.45pm- Sis's church for her practice
7.15pm- King's parking lot to meet mom
8.30pm- CIMB bank for mom's banking
9.00 pm- Senawang pharmacy
9.30pm- Jie guan's church to give him ulcer gel
10.00pm- Home

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