Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sent from heaven

I've always been told what to do,
I lived for someone and was treated dead,
Now I just want to be cherished,
And now that I've found you,
I really want to tell you,
This feeling I have for you inside me,
Why don't you be mine?

I miss the sound of your voice,
Even if you stopped speaking just to catch a breath,
I love to watch your chest rise and fall when you lean back,
I'm telling you no lie,
Your presence make me go around the world in a twirl,
Will we get higher, go further,
Do you feel the same way as how I do?

Show me love,
I am afraid to love again,
Yet, you made it look so beautiful again,
Slowly allowing my past to fade,
Is this really you,
Am I just wishing so much I begin to hallucinate,
The longing to have your skin brushed against mine again.

The warmth of your breath,
When you whisper in my ear,
Calming the soul in me whenever I clamour,
Slowly you seep into me,
And it is your touch that I will respond to,
But you didn't fail to release my doubts as well,
I will never know when you'll not catch me when I fall anymore.

I'm rather fragile,
Is there possibility?
Whenever I'm alone,
I'll always wonder when the day will come,
Where you'd tell me you need me too,
It's not just a crush,
I know there is no rush,
We've got all the time in the world.

But I really hope you know,
That I've never met one like you,
You make me so unbreakable in your arms,
Yet I feel so weak without you,
All I want to do is to be yours,
Until the sun comes down,
Till you wouldn't want to let me go too.

Don't keep me wondering,
Don't wander away,
Be the one,
Sent from heaven,
Like it or not,
I am tormented by you,
The bittersweet turmoil you bring me each time.

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