Saturday, September 6, 2008


It's Saturday morning and its gloomy. I want to go to City Park again. I just want to sit there and watch the lake. As old as I am now, I'm still my mommy's little girl. She wouldn't let me go there alone. She said, "Sorry ah girl, I know you want to go there very much to write your music but I cannot let you go there alone, not even Lake Gardens, it's not safe, why don't you ask any of your friends to go with you?"

Sigh, mom, if my friends are "on call" all the time, I wouldn't be sitting here sulking. Instead, she told me to go revive that little pond she got me few years back. I want to sit at a bigger space, you know how it feels? You sit there and watch the lake, after awhile you'll feel that you're in the middle of the lake. I wanted to do that at Lake Gardens that day with my friends, but the maintenance there was bad, cos I nearly fell into the lake. Xin yi had to come help me jump off the plank that was sinking down.

I just want to be away from home really, not like my home's in a bad condition or anything but I just want to be away from home. I'm a person who finds nature soothing. I'm 18 but mommy's still treating me as though I'm at 8 sometimes. Hahaha, she admitted it herself. She still sniffs my hair and makes sure I bathed properly and she still checks my pants if it's ironed properly.

I really want to go one evening! I wanted to yesterday but I guess the change of plans was better since I needed a short nap. J had fun though. Till the part I nearly killed him on the couch for his annoying chuckles. I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go......... sobs........

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