Friday, September 12, 2008

Badminton match

Well, it was a fine evening in which I decided to take a nice long nap but nahh..these two super villains wouldn't let me go. But what for? I wasn't the one playing in this match, well initially I was swapping mosquitoes, till I decided to snap their pictures....ENJOY!

Hi hi!! I'm sailor moon....
Karen laughs wickedly as she imagines how she will be defeating Li Ping...
Well folks, we all thought the same, we thought Karen had the oomph and confident boost with her smile in that picture but wait...I managed to snap this though she thought no one knew...haha
She got down to her knees and pray!!!

LP: Hoi, cepat lar...

Karen takes a deep breath... straightens her back and quotes wat Mr. S says in Moral Class (cantonese) "Lei ah" meaning, COME LAR!!!
LP wasted no time and she STRIKES!

I seriously expected LP to immitate any badminton player but then she decides to do Phua Chu Kang with her "one leg kicking".......look, I'm not kidding, look at her foot!

Karen awaits for the shuttlecock with pure confidence...despite of the stinking foot that was waving in front of her... hahaha

Well Karen... too confident she plunges herself forward hoping that it would be of help to reply the strike, she goes forward and tries to hold her breath to avoid smelling Li Ping's foot even more... but I know you failed, Karen, you turning pale!!

Li Ping took it rather breezily, do notice that she only needed to tip toe in reply of Karen's plunging strike...

Ahah! Li Ping tunjuk belang ady... mengganas!!

*Innocent look*

I'm going to call for back up!!

lalalalala.......... LP stretches whilst waiting...

I don't know what kind of warming up stunt is this but I have a feeling it occured because LP ate too many cempedak goreng just now..

Karen refuses to admit defeat, so she decides to be HANDS ON with the situation..

Well, the winner still stands...woohoo!!!!

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恐龙仔...bread...萍姐....138...indian cow.. said... cruel...put all those ugly face terbakar ady..huhu...haha...u b time will b ur turn 2 appear in my blog...kekekeke....revenge..revenge!!!

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