Monday, September 8, 2008

My feedback

1. You said you'll support me but you don't see me worth it yet, what more do you want from

2. You said I got to balance up my schedule, its not about my schedule to practice, it's the feeling
don't you get it?

3. You asked me why I can't sing when you play the accompaniment part, how can I when I've
not practiced with a pianist not ever?

4. You told me to say goodbye to my distinction if this persists, do you think that helped?

5. You asked me why am I deteriorating, why don't you tell me?

6. You threaten to cut me out of choir list, why don't you see why am I not doing well?

7. You tell me to work harder harder harder, how hard am I not working yet?

8. You tell me to focus, your freaking dog is licking my foot, how do I focus then?

9. You said I have to practice sight singing, how is that possible when I have to do sight reading
in the process because you are not there to play for me?

10. You tell me to confess that I've not practiced before you start the lesson, what makes you
think I've not practiced.

Lastly, I'd like to announce this, "Charmaine is NOT OKAY", get it?

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