Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm pretty nervous about the upcoming performance next Saturday in college. I only told four people, two for permission to use either one of their cars and another two for pure support. I am always and I mean always a KLUTZ when it comes to performances. This time I'm not involved that much but directing a mime accompanied by a live ochestra band is no joke.

I'm still cracking my head about it. One part of me wanna just say, "Let's not do it" Another part of me say, "This is what I love doing" Sigh.... I'm so nervous, I've been nervous for a week already. There's so many things running across my mind. I don't want mom to go there. It's just one song, I don't want her to make a hassle to go, her limbs aren't that fit for this sorta thing. I thought of J since he's my coursemate's brother and perhaps MAYBE he'd be a good supporter. D was a definite person to invite at least I know he'll not laugh at my work. Well, anyways, God knows what's going to become of this performance.

It would be my first performance for college and I'm nothing great... I really wanna be on the next train home and run away from my fears...

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