Thursday, January 6, 2011


I’m still living in denial.
I told myself that I’d get over it
I told many others to get over it too.
The show must go on
And thinking about you just ain’t helping
If it’s true that we are our own teachers
I pray we all have the courage to go on
That every time we sing
We wouldn’t wait on you to correct us
That every time we sing
It’ll be our best

I told myself I’d write something about you
I’ve failed to do that so far
Cause every time I think of you
I hate the fact that you’re gone
I hate the fact that you made so many promises with us
And just left us all hanging
I know you didn’t mean to
I know it wasn’t your intention
You just got called Home sooner than you expected
When we heard what you’ve done throughout your lifetime
You’ve made us wish we knew you earlier
You’ve made ME wish we could turn back time

I get up in the morning
Wishing my Monday classes are still on
In fact, something inside me still tells me
That this is just a joke
That it ain’t real
You said I was dependent of you
Well you didn’t give me time to grow out of it
You said you’d put me through competitions
But you never saw me through any of it

I know as time passes,
You’ll be just a memory in my mind
The father figure I’ve had,
The father figure I’ll always have,
The guidance I had not only for voice
But in life.

I’ll write about you someday
Someday when I can think of you
About the times we shared
About the achievements we achieved
Without so much hurt
Without that sting in my throat
Without that burn in my chest
Without that dampness on my cheeks

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bernie's Proposal

Seriously, it's not my proposal but I'm blogging about it. Haha! Found my bro, to be a very simple guy, sincere and yet creative so two thumbs up for the successful proposal! You know, watching so many TVB dramas, Movies and etc, I found this proposal to be very realistic, easy going and sweet.

Now, with Jo and Bern done, I wonder who's next! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

New Year 2011

Another year is about to begin.

I think of it as another stack of white piece of papers. It's gonna be up to us to paint it, write it, scribble it, throw it, mash it, whatever. Interesting isn't it?

Colour pencils and crayons,white sheets and papers. They paint them with passion, anger, sadness and joy. We've yet to see what He has painted for us. After each year, I sit down and ponder, that despite the many heartbreaks, I am grateful that I am still sitting here. But have I found true happiness?

Some have found theirs. In fact, those few seconds felt like their entire lives were hanging on a thin line...but when it was all said and done, the warm embrace of their love was enough a reward that would last them a life time. Congratulations to my dear brother:

A full post about this later....

Proposed 01/01/11

I've lost friends, I've gained a few. I miss the ones I lost, the ones I fail to save. I've failed goals, I've achieved some. It still breaks me to know that I failed what I failed. Do new year resolutions motivate us or push us too hard sometimes?

We busy ourselves just to stop thinking. We busy ourselves to stop hurting. We get replacements of everything and everyone. We just wouldn't stop. We don't know how to. We are afraid to. We are numb.

I'll be turning 21 this year. Another year has passed me by, and I'm starting to feel that life is short, and there's just so much I've yet to accomplish, but I don't know if I have the strength. Reading my poem for Jan 1, 2010, I had so much fire in me. Somehow, the flame's just a 'lil smaller now...

I look at myself, and the things I have, the things I own, the things I achieved, am I happy?

Lord, teach me to love myself and others.
Lord, tell me what do YOU want me to do for this new year.