Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I do, cherish you

I miss you,

I hate the fact that I have to count 6 days till I see you again,
I hate you,
You always seemed OKAY no matter how we are,
I adore you,
The passion you have for God and the things and people you cherish,
I need you,
Every second, everyday,
I breathe you,
Nobody I want but you to wake me in the morns and tuck me in the dark,
I rely on you,
No matter how tough life can be I just need to dial your number,
I tear for you,
Everyday whenever I stare at our picture in my purse,
I smell you,
Of Armani and Romance but most of all.. the aura of love you bring,
I cherish you,
For the joy you gave me and the path to God you encouraged me to come back,
I feel you,
Of every hug and every embrace,
Most of all,
I love you,
Every heartbeat and every rise and fall of my chest,
No matter how far we are, or how many quarrels we have,
I love you.


LOL, first of all I don't even know if there's such word? But what I've gotten to realize lately being in PJ is that, I'm no longer as hearty as I used to during my holidays. I remember the times when I used to be in college for Pre-U, it was hell trying to feed a spoonful of food down my throat. During my holidays, when I met Keith, through dates and outings I gained appetite, and with the outings with friends, I finally understood the joy of eating. It's not the food that mattered, it's not the taste, it's not the price, it's the people you eat with. Now that I'm alone again, I no longer eat as much as could have. The only times I eat well is when my brother and Amelia takes me out or with Kevin, Grace and the rest of the GFS gang... gee @_@

Monday, October 5, 2009

Uni Life

Stepping into this horrible looking building, I ask myself, what am I doing in a Business course? Then I looked beyond and tried figuring other paths that I might have taken if given a second chance. The answer was direct, I wouldn't have chosen another path either ways. The amount of uncertainties in every course brought me to the wisest thinking that is to choose on a course I believe I can survive with in this world...

Moving up to my rented room in PJ wasn't a very nice experience. To me, it was the start of parted commitments my boyfriend and I shared. It was the start of no matter how detailed you plan something, there will always be changes due to difference in geography. No matter how much you want to have your first times in things with your lover, it may not always come true. So yeah, I moved up with my brother, Amelia and Mom.

Packing and unpacking really drained my energy and did nothing to boost up my spirits for another start of 3 years in education...