Monday, October 5, 2009

Uni Life

Stepping into this horrible looking building, I ask myself, what am I doing in a Business course? Then I looked beyond and tried figuring other paths that I might have taken if given a second chance. The answer was direct, I wouldn't have chosen another path either ways. The amount of uncertainties in every course brought me to the wisest thinking that is to choose on a course I believe I can survive with in this world...

Moving up to my rented room in PJ wasn't a very nice experience. To me, it was the start of parted commitments my boyfriend and I shared. It was the start of no matter how detailed you plan something, there will always be changes due to difference in geography. No matter how much you want to have your first times in things with your lover, it may not always come true. So yeah, I moved up with my brother, Amelia and Mom.

Packing and unpacking really drained my energy and did nothing to boost up my spirits for another start of 3 years in education...

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