Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I do, cherish you

I miss you,

I hate the fact that I have to count 6 days till I see you again,
I hate you,
You always seemed OKAY no matter how we are,
I adore you,
The passion you have for God and the things and people you cherish,
I need you,
Every second, everyday,
I breathe you,
Nobody I want but you to wake me in the morns and tuck me in the dark,
I rely on you,
No matter how tough life can be I just need to dial your number,
I tear for you,
Everyday whenever I stare at our picture in my purse,
I smell you,
Of Armani and Romance but most of all.. the aura of love you bring,
I cherish you,
For the joy you gave me and the path to God you encouraged me to come back,
I feel you,
Of every hug and every embrace,
Most of all,
I love you,
Every heartbeat and every rise and fall of my chest,
No matter how far we are, or how many quarrels we have,
I love you.

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