Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad oranges

I have no idea what is going on with college these days. I travelled all the way back to campus this morning just to make it for the 8am class and it was through before it even struck 9.20am. I got to my hostel and glanced at my corner of the room being in such a mess I wanted to puke. I went online to touch up on previous post and then it was time to walk 1.5 km back to class again. It was sharp noon at that time and it was darn hot. I nearly got myself a sunstroke and not forgetting that I have not eaten anything since 5 in the morning. I finally sank down my chair in class and then this lady walked in and said, "Your lecturer has a meeting and will be delayed by an hour, he will come in at one something" To those of you who don't know, my college has this concept, the classroom will not be lit or air-conditioned when and until the lecturer comes in with his key to the switch. For one hour in a free sauna? Thanks but no thanks.

We waited and my annoying coursemate Mr. I the one I went karaoke with was singing his lungs out. Oh my gosh, please stop singing really. He even sang the song "When you believe" by Whitney Housten and Mariah. My goodness, "......there can be miracle when you believe ~~''
Heck, what miracle is this? It's plain disaster having him singing my ears off and he was so cheeky that he closed all the doors leaving us in despair in darkness and in heat!!!

The lecturer finally came in and you know what he said? '' We will start the lesson tomorrow'' Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! Worst off, he said, ".....tomorow we will start with revision, and I would touch on Keynesian Theory questions. So please come prepared to answer my questions" I left my book back in Seremban and so the minute he said dismiss, I literally ran down the stairs to the library in search for the book. Dang! Someone borrowed it. Then my mom text me saying if I have nothing to do I can come home. It was as though the heavens opened and shone down on me or something........and then...........BOOM! her next text message was, " I will not pick you up anytime before I send food" which means I will have to wait till seven pm. Forget it dude, I'll fail both ways, so here I am sitting in my hostel like a clam shell opening my mouth every forty seconds and shut it back again. Why? Because I have no one to talk to. I'm alone tonight in this darn room.

The room I'm in is in such a mess. I thought I'd help mom out by bringing back all my dirty clothes from Seremban to here and hand wash them myself, now I'm feeling like an idiot. I'm hungry and I'm going to waste more energy scrubbing fabric. This is seriously a very bad day. Not forgetting Mr. I who so sweetly coaxed my lecturer to have EXTRA CLASSES. They are just plain jealous that my Fridays are off. But NO NO NO NO you're not touching my Fridays. I shot him a killing look but to no avail. Adding up to my annoyance, he got my lecturer into planning night lessons from 6pm-8pm on certain days. What the??!??!

I was hungry so I grabbed an orange and sliced in half, and what color was it? GREEN. I wanted lunch but I opened my purse and saw RM1.00 thanks... mom forgot to give me my allowance this time. I looked at the packets of maggi mee in disgust, I decided to starve myself. Heck, I wonder how long will this strike of starvation last when the clock has only struck 2pm and I will have to remain this way till tomorrow evening at 6pm?

I'm hungry, I'm cranky but most of all, I'm lonely.. not because my room mate isn't here... it's just that it's such a bad day today and I've got no one to talk to.

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