Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eye to eye

I saw him today, I was turning into school till I thought I sense someone at the side, but when I turned we were looking at each other, what a coincidence. That one split second we locked, it brought back some hurt in me. The hurt I have was how regretful I feel, for not doing my job well. I should've been a better president last year. I regret not being at my best when I took up the post.

I went to busy body myself at choir practice too. It was rather cute to see Ah B as the new conductor. He's so petite it would be great to see him hold a choir on stage. But I knew it though, the minute he saw me he sat next to me and said, "Charmaine, I realy can't do it.... I don't know... aiyerrrr.... why you don't come for practice?" I smiled at this little fellow, I teased him, "Woah, you taught me to read Doraemon and Detective Conan and now you're a prefect!" He smiled so widely, he really looks like his dad, such a jolly looking person when he was at the Pediatrics eight years ago.

Then the choir teacher said, "Hey you! Why you still sitting here, go practice!" Poor boy, his eyes just sunk in deeper and looked at me. "Come on, go and conduct, I'll guide you" I expected him to go but nah... smarter than me, he dragged me along. Hahaha... then he tried, "Standing in the eyes of the world" song. I viewed at the other, ah shucks, the exact ones last year. He waved his hands a little and gave up, then he gave me a straight smile and expected me to show him. This dude is good I tell ya, he's so cute you can't say no to him at all.

I showed him a little but I don't know how he did it but he did it, he somehow managed to tangle his hands together? =.=" The clock struck 3pm already and I had to go. So while he was still struggling, I took steps backwards silently leaving but then I paused, you know why? He was tugging at the sides of my blouse. "Don't go!" Silly old fellow... so insecure of himself, well, little did he know, I told teacher in January he would make a good conductor. hehehe..

I told him I really had to go for a CF meeting and he started to sulk... as immature as he can be, he stopped tugging and let me go, gave me his number though and told me to come back next week to help him, I said OK, now I have no idea why did I say that.

I met D's eyes when he didn't notice during meeting, I can see pressure rising up. Didn't mean to pressure him though, but I know he would know how to get things in order if he'd lift a finger and raise his volume a little. S made him commandent because he knew D would be more serious in decision making.

Choir teacher told me to come back and help out for next year's competition. I might but I prefer just sharing my ideas and that's it, though P told me to be hands on, I merely said, "You have one of the best pianist I've ever met, that's more than enough for a trophy" :)

I met so many people's eyes today, only one still haunt me till now, for the mistake I have done and for the joy and pain it brings out of it. Music and hatred towards me. It's hard to hate what you love sometimes.. hmm..

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