Saturday, September 20, 2008

My point

I was out with J last night, well, practically the whole day. At least we got some work done that would release some stress off the committees shoulders. Hanging out with J was alright, it was nice to have a friend to go out with especially after what has happened yesterday I was pretty much offbalanced. After his church service we went out for another round of yam cha and we chatted a little and it was what I'd call bonding. Over all, it was cools...

Well, it's the twentieth of this month and time really flies. I was and am still upset about the conversation I had with S the other day. He kept giving me the excuse that he was busy with college and exams and stuff......... well, it has been his favourite reason most of the time. It's not that I don't understand his situation, it's just a little unfair for my side. He came up with the idea and told me to consider that taking up this idea would mean I have to do more work since he's in Malacca. I agreed I mean... it would be worth it you know... as long as our hearts are united, I don't mind doing all the work. But the past few weeks I don't get it, I'm starting to wonder if he actually seriously considered the pros and cons of giving the hopes to those who are hoping.

I'm at wits end I know, it may work it may not work but everytime I want to put an end to it, something else works out, and for me personally, I don't want it to work because I can see something good out of it. I have no idea......... whether what I think is right or wrong but no I don't want to stop working for it.

Fiasco or not, we should just give it a shot and do our best and when it's all done, there's no regrets and nothing to look backwards for and say you wish you would've done etc..etc..

I think so..

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