Thursday, September 4, 2008


I thought I made it clear to him the last time, well, I guess not. I once told G about this... he was aware that this person have been having such intentions but I stopped G from bashing him up. Eventually it got worse but by then G trusts me no more. Anyways, now that life's me myself and I, who am I to confide into for such things? But yesterday night M and A was with me when the conversation took place, at least they were my witness that I wasn't drama-ing like how G always thought I was. Now, I posted it up for everyone to see that I'm speaking of the truth. Sigh...

I was rather annoyed when he repeated what he did last month which was slightly before the Durian Party I attended. I remembered I told him to respect women. Ah what the heck, if he did, he wouldn't be a hooligan now. Today's class was rather freaky. Well, I woke up at 7am so I text Mr. I knowing he's got waking up difficulties, I have no idea why am I so nice to him, well, after all he is my assistant class rep. I dashed out of the bathroom when I heard my phone ring, shucks... it was just Mr. I saying that he's already up and leaving in awhile. He offered to wait for me to walk together and so on but nah, I brushed it off. Not forgetting the swimming invites... :P

My room mate decided to follow me to class today since it did not clash with her schedule. Knowing us girls, we turned into a chatterbox and were late for class. We walked in and 5 pairs of eyes stared at us but we thick skinned-ly sat down. The lecture was boring as usual till at some point I decided to open the newspaper. Yes, I daringly read the newspaper in class. I flipped and flipped till I came across the horoscopes section. I read mine and was annoyed with it because it said I had attitude problem. Upon myself of not being content, I decided to read Mr. I's horoscope which got me bursting in laughter and my room mate trumpeting away too. It was only a matter of seconds when my laughter turned into muffles of words of what the horoscope said and the whole class started laughing. ......."romance is heated up on your neck..."

You see, when I walked into the classroom, I caught Mr. I with a battery powered fan. He was fanning his chest and his neck for some particular reason I don't know. Till I read the horoscope, well you know how explosive my laughter can be. Then Mr. I teased my laughter and then I took my revenge by saying, "Sir do you know something about Iy******?" Mr. I said, "that's enough Maine" I giggled uncontrollably and nodded but wait a minute. Ms. D*** who was also laughing tuned us all into her CNNBC Bloomberg channel and announced "Iy****** has a girlfriend and she's Malay." Mr. I was so upset because his father being a very religious person is going to kill him. But he was nice to me throughout the lesson so I thought he was alright, he offered me to his house this weekend to play on his grand piano.

I finished class and I walked my room mate to her next class and departed. Upon reaching the bridge that connects the academic block to the student's affair department, Mr. I out of nowhere marched right up to me and cornered me against the wall with his face only 2 inches away from mine and said, "I'm going to murder you for saying that in class" I said, "But it wasn't me....*blink*" He let me go then I stupidly turned around and said, "If you worry so much about it you can just tell sir that you guys broke up, no one would know *smiles sweetly*" Wanna know what happened next? He chased me like Tom and Jerry and I'm not a fast runner compared to him being a marathon runner..... but I escaped :P

Talk about men...geez...and I thought he was okay with it. Now I don't know whether he really wants me to go to his house this weekend. I'm like Maine the wanted girl to be delivered dead or alive...

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