Sunday, September 28, 2008

The date and fiasco night

Hey peeps, yup, here's the post about the Music and Soul night which was held last Saturday at my college... heheheheh... bermulalah charater memblogging saya.

Starring the director of the Postcard at Singapore song......

Mua!!! joking.... everybody played a role... everybody were directors, we are a family aren't we?

The live ochestra was rehearsing since 10am in the morning non stop till the performance begun at 8pm...I must add that the conductor is so handsome... :P

My date whom I "imported" to save myself from having to dance with partners I don't favour. hehehehe.... I know... he's inappropriate in away right? Let's see how he is after the make over..

Aiyoh... Jie Guan tersipu-sipu next to me, hating the way he looks kua..what about me??! :D

Sigh... I can only transform him through outfits, but he's still very much a little kid, playing with balloons..

Oh great, he didn't want to layan me after that...

Smile! For the camera's sake lar dungu, the camera man was coaxing him to smile, am I that horrible to be with??!

Yeap.... Jieg started crying after I furiously "abandoned" him

Emo pulak ni.... I miss those times in ACS when the prefects will tegur "jangan gantung tie"

If his sister or mom spotted this I'm so dead, I'm responsible for this freak who decided to get drunk just before the performance.

..........I guess we now know what he would do when he's drunk.... I didn't expect Kenny G though.. lol

And then.... Bogey man appeared...

Kucchi kucchi jieguan... come to papa...bogey bogey..



The new generation of bogey man...seems to me he looks more like the taukeh for char kuey teow stall who so happenly dressed formally.

Alright alright, I take back whatever I said.... my partner has successfuly turned into the hollow man or something... sigh...

What's this?


Jie Guan says, : "Well, I can't help it, I am much better looking than Bush.."

Ini pulak, perempuan tak perempuan, lelaki tak lelaki, Jay Chou tak Jay Chou... haiz...

I don't know what he's really trying to do... only two options :
1) He wants to camouflage his fart sound with some balloon popping effect
2) He decided to poop balloons..
How wild can we get behind the curtains? You don't wanna know...

..................................SERIOUSLY, you don't wanna know...

ALRIGHT, you asked for it.

My leading actress I hired, look at how wicked she looks like... and where she's standing next to? The changing room... her hand (tugging on the curtain) that will reveal it all!!!

Su Yin pulak.. kesian... Jie Guan's sister... doesn't know which gender she prefers for her future... both seem to do well for her.. hehehe

What was I doing?? Well........... I was never the innocent girl... well I am to some extent really.. so okay, I was having a jolly good time...

Getting a good view... hehehehe...

Then this boy covered my view saying that I'm underage.. "Dei, look back up at the previous photo, what about Cindy the chairperson of drama club who seems to be enjoying the view UPCLOSE??"

Who's this?

He seems to have an issue with balloons eh?

He's none other than SIVAJI... wakakakakakkaakakakkakaak I don't want to imagine what will happen to me if he ever finds out..

Yup... there were a few fun songs the band played without any plays to accompany with so we literally went WILD dancing.. Check out Lie Wendy, he's a boy by the way, Chinese Indonesian doing his R&B moves

Going nuts with Chen Pei (right) my leading actor for my sketch.. his from China.

Getting bored? Don't... it's not the end just yet... yes, I caught our dear PRESIDENT OF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SMK METHODIST ACS 08/09 .................................

Shaking some booty!!


Anyways, it's time for me to show you folks some pictures...that aren't candid for once.. hehe

From left : Atasha, Su Yin, me!

Yes, take it or leave it, I am the rose among the thorns.. hahahaha.. perasanted..
From left : Hans, Maine, Jiegie
And of course, I am pleased to have two partners.. :P

Cut me some slack lar kay... he's quite a nice guy..and I am single... kidding!!!

The emcee for the whole event... she claims that my dress is a piece from her natives... wait wait.. she added that ," It fits you like a second skin, you look gorgeous" Hahahahaha, I'm flattered :D

Chen Pei and I... too bad I couldn't snap a picture with him in his tux... he's a leading actor in the Pirates of the Carribean sketch too.. he's the director for it as well..darn talented freak

From left; Jie Guan, Maine, Miss Tamara my law lecturer in semester one for contract law

Jie guan, me and mom... in which in this picture... Jie Guan claims that he was doing the "Darren's pose"

US and my sister, Michelle.. hehehe I know I know.. I look nice right? hahahaha, okay, I think somebody should just give me a slap for being such a camwhore.

Us and my roomie Karen.

That's all for now people, I'm tired... ciaos. Oh and jie guan, thanks for being my so called date for the night, and stop asking me where's my hips... my waist not hips. wakakakakakakkakaakkaak.... but thanks a lot wei!

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