Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I stepped into Mr. W's office this morning, I recalled what mom said the other night, "If your AS level exam is clashing with the camp, I'm not going to let you do it." I was rather nervous really, till he handed me my schedule and I was beaming with joy, my last paper was on the 14th of November one day before the camp. Then I wondered, is this really God's signs and wonders? Off on Fridays and now, exam's over before it? I was overjoyed, whether or not this camp is on, I know my boss has done something for me. I nearly hugged J when I was trying to show him my schedule. He was so overwhelmed too, he was asking B whether she thinks this is God's will and she said she thinks so, and all a sudden she thinks she wanna go on with the plan.

I don't know really what they want, all I know is that prayer does work. It's proven today. I'm happy and content. We practiced for CF this Friday, it was great. I liked the way they both worked now, more mature and co-operative. Unfortunately, not all were present, but we still have another practice before the biggie. I hope they all know including myself that it's not about how well you play an instrument, whether or not you are able to do it without much practice, being there together at a practice is to have a bonding, a proper understanding, spiritual unity, and one voice. That is the meaning of true worship. It was something I knew but failed to apply when I was in school. Thinking that I'm pretty alright on the piano doesn't mean I'm exempted from practices, it doesn't matter if I can catch up in 30 seconds. A practice is a practice.

Anyways, the two who didn't make it today, especially A, I pray she'll get well soon. The other one, you know who you are, I hope the miscommunication will be reduced. It's not a concert this Friday, it's nothing grand, but, it'll be worship. Strip ourselves is something I always say and often misinterpreted as obscene. To those of you in the right mind would know that I did not mean the literal meaning of stripping but rather the metaphorical meaning of it. Yes, I sound as though I'm debating my law questions or something but heck, if you have read my previous post on "Clothes" then I believe this would be my encouragement to all of you again to be true to your heart. Aren't you tired of putting up a fake front just to save yourself some dignity and your so-called reputation? If He too is not allowed to see the real you then I don't know who else can. Strip yourselves here I am saying it again, because God needs to see our true selves, not who we put up whenever we're out there. So this Friday, let us strip and rejoice in the Lord and forget all worries, but to just lean on Him.


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