Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long drives

Well, today was a lil scary yet a lil hilarious. Hmm... my class was at twelve noon so at eight in the morn mom and I headed out to Perodua service centre driving our respective cars. So yea...we were turning left to the biscuit factory before Amazing Grace church? My car was ahead of mom's. The road was sloping downwards and there was this long trailer reversing out from the opposite side of the road, the car in front of me, a Honda I think braked and waited, I on the other hand tried to brake but guess what? The brakes slowed me down a little bit but did not stop me and it was a pretty smooth slide all the way. hahaha.... the Honda dude was alarmed so he stepped on his brakes multiple times trying to signal me that I gotta brake and I was like, oookaayyy.... I can't brake!!!!!!!!!!!

So I swirfed to my left a little bit and my hand was one the hand brake and I aggressively pulled my car to a halt. Phew.... at least it stopped. Mom was behind in her car all the while, gave her the thumbs up and instead of calling a tow truck, I started the engine again and continued to proceed to the service centre.

In the end, I had to take mom's car while she waited for mine since my class was at 12. Before I left the centre, I spotted the service guy driving my car around and round and round and round and round and round................ Got off the car and I said, "Do you mind passing me my handsfree in the drawer once you're done wasting my petrol?" ugh... don't be jealous that I keep my fuel tank full and plan on wasting it...

Sigh, drama practice was an annoyance. The leading actress didn't show. I picked another woman who just walked in at the spurr of the moment and she was much better. Pretty satisfied I was and it was kinda funny guiding them to do waltz. Hahahaha... and teaching them how to flirt??! Gee.... but it was alright, let's just hope they turn out well on Saturday.

I hit the highway at 9.40pm. Pauline called me at 10pm, I forgot I told her to keep me informed about things every Tuesday nights at that time, I was on loudspeaker trying to make out what she was saying. It was a good thing we bid our goodbyes just in time before I passed the traffic police who was summoning a few cars. I arrived home at about 10.00pm, mom was in distress because I arrived early. Yeap. But not because she didn't welcome me home or something but rather she thinks I drove too fast... sigh, well mom, I was really tired and hungry.

Came home and J told me to go online, I plugged in the dial up and you know what they said? "Outstanding bill RM600 please settle it as soon as possible, thank you" I was so annoyed I literally repeated infront of the computer saying, "Outstanding cleared TODAY at 8am in the morning and I was the first customer you dungu!"

Slept at 3.30 in the morn and got up at 5am to get ready and headed to J's house in which was another annoying story... sigh, but it was well. :)

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