Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lean on me :)

Everybody's got scars in their lives,
Eventhough they may not reveal it,
Doesn't mean they don't have it,
They just go on with life,
Even if they may get tired of it,
Just want to dump everything and leave,
You know you can't.

Communication has always been the issue,
The human race that fails to inherit this,
The gift that we all must ask and seek in Him,
Don't think you don't need to talk about things,
Or even try to wipe it out of your mind,
Because it haunts you every second though you may not notice it

Sometimes it's wrong to walk away,
You may think it's the right thing to do,
But it may not always be true,
Tears are a torture for the broken,
Loneliness is the key to suicide for the hurting,
Abandonment would be the gateway to hell.

Tonight would be the night that I've seen it,
In my own residence I see hurt and pain and disapoointment,
I'm looking for the solution to it,
But I can do nothing but just be there,
My promise is well kept,
I will always be there.

Don't look back,
Don't stop even though you want to,
Just look over your shoulder,
You know I'm there,
Stop living in denial,
You know that it's true,
You are not close to uncertainty that I will always be two steps behind,
No matter how tired I get,
No matter how exhausted I become,
No matter how disappointed I can be,
I'll never walk out on you.

So those of you whom I've spoken to, my door is always open.

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