Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Someone

And yes, the watak utama would be the leng chai below...*pukes*

Don't you think this dude on my left looks like him?

So..... interested in knowing what does he do as a hobby?

Well, he has alot to choose from really. Scroll down and enjoy!

Well for starters, he enjoys airing himself in closely seated areas.. he finds his "fragrance" overwhelming... well I couldn't agree more with the term "overwhelming"

I knew I should've kept my mouth shut but I had to say it... and now it's worsen.. take a look, both hands now.. excuse me but I gotta......*faints*

What else does he do when he's bored? Amazing things.

He decides to vandalise the classroom, as you can see the projector screen thingy is his mission for the moment.

Yup, no doubt, as my coursemate takes it from him and inspects the damage that he has caused. Not forgetting my lecturer sobbing at the corner not knowing what to do.


He's not done yet..

He facinates himself by rubbing people's hair...well, I thought he'd be content with the amount he has on his own, it's more than enough really, but.... sigh...

Well, what can I do to help? He enjoys giving people around him the stench... and causing more to suffocate and faint, so far no one died of it yet.

But I think he released the "beast" in her cos she doesn't look very happy. Amazing how his B.O can change a person

He decides to get physical with her and attempts to twist her arm. Now you believe me that he's capable of anything? :S

Well, he sure looks very ham sap from this angle... and he is anyways.

What happened to the girl? Well, some say she escaped into the woods... some say she kicked him in the in betweens, some say he had an itch so she ran away in time...

You think that's the end of his history making?


His new victim, as once told in the story of the Little Red Riding Hood, looking so innocent is she, he on the other hand, was a total contradiction.

At least she knows self defence, but I'm starting to suspect his true intentions now... I don't think his going to destroy her like how he did to the others... this might be a little different in the end. Who knows? Let us continue to find out

What's this?? He quiets her by extending his arms??!! Girl, are you really gonna be his woman!! @.@ I think we all are confused with this news and are uncertain too... but what if it is true

I think i just proved my point, sigh, OI!! Have you forgotten we've got an underage student in class??!! Berkelakuan senonoh pulak..

Well, he surely did no waste much time at all and found himself a priest to held the wedding on the spot. Again, he started his "yam" attitude again and wants to kiss his bride with the most disgusting drool I've ever seen.

What happened to her? Here's the hot gossip, before the ceremony begun, she broke down in tears as she continues to imagine the future they'll be having in the future..

I guess we should say,all's well that ends well...

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