Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yam Cha

So here we are.... on Friday (12/9/2008) we hung out for a reunion at about 9pm. Here are the pics, enjoy....

Let me give you a hint where we went.... let's see how well you know Seremban. I must say though, this is NOT where we yam cha at, its next to this location... hmm..think people, think.

So we decided to walk Xin Yi's talk -- "Sharing is Caring".... we decided to share quite a number of dishes.....

The gathering just started and Avin finished his drink already and nearly licked his glass... well, I know I'm too "hot" for him... what to do right? :P

Here's the mua whom Avin had to gulp his drink down in a matter of seconds...hahaha

He refused to look at me after that!

So he decided to focus on his food, check out the amount of plates he ate already...

Well, little did we know, another "ahem" has been eyeing on Avin... it was then Vincent decided to begin his flirtatious talk to Avin.

Woah....Avin so fast berubah hati... putting his hands on Vincent already...

But still, Sanjiven won Vincent's heart....
So we ate, we chatted, we gossiped, we laughed, we screamed, we scratched and we crapped till it was time to close shop...BUT we did not want to go back just yet, hence, we decided to STREET PARTY.... yes, street party.

Jim, Sanjiven and Vincent so jolly boasting to each other how well their flirting skill are... Vincent skipping away as he watched the para perempuan on the other side...

But hey... Sanjiven could hold it in no longer, probably his ego kicking in so he said "Watch me, watch how the real Casanova does it brothers."

He approaches the girls, Anna and Azlin with a wide half grin half smile... well, at least he looked confident.

He continues to sweet talk and attract as many girls over as possible...


What's this???? He's got a girl!!!
Notice Xin Yi's hand on his sleeve, tugging with force stating her "He's mine" signal.

Vincent was very much impressed and signed up for the "class" immediately and acknowledged Sanjiven as his "si fu" (tok guru)

As the lesson took place, Sanjiven's first lesson for Vincent was to get Anna, and his guide for Vincent to get her was to........................................

STRIP???!!?? nah... can't be, wait, let me zoom closer eh..

I hate to say I'm right but yes I am, look at Anna, she looks impressed. Hahaha ( Anna, no hard feelings k? Just mere joke)

Hmmm... Jim's really impressed now, even his nose agreed.

But he refused to join the class Sanjiven was giving, instead he decided to get agressive and show the boys who's he strikes out his plans...

As he approaches....

Sigh, some boys can't just be a little patient in getting girls. I pity Mandy, well, I saved your dignity girl, I blurred your face for you........whoops, I kinda mentioned your name.. :)

Avin watches with full of "yam-nes" (horny/naughty) from the corner, don't think I didn't notice that Avin..

What's this? Well, Azlin had a sudden pang of pain in her tummy, yep, from how she looked it looked as though it was mayday for the "throne"... is that why she was CALLING FOR HELP?well I wasn't sure till Vincent confirmed it. Wondered how he confirmed it? I'll leave it to your imagination, think Ambi Pure for a hint. Lol!

Well, since the boys couldn't really get much loving from the girls tonight, they were about to give up. WAIT................ cupid hasn't aimed its arrows yet, till....

Vincent gets up and adjustes his outfit and stares straight into another pair of eyes that seemed to capture his breath and make his heart pound faster... he smiles with full of certainty that this would be "the one and only"

Sanjiven, sigh of relief he gave there, for finally opening his eyes and locking his gaze with his one and only that he has never noticed before. I quote this line of the song Picture of you by Boyzone ---"I had a picture of you in my mind, never knew it would be so wrong, why it take me so long just to find, a "friend" that was there all along"

Vincent dah tak tahan lagi dah... "Honey, I'm coming to ya!!"

Isn't it wonderful when two individuals are so in love??

Anna and Xin Yi as they console each other not knowing both their dates turned out as the other kind... don't tear girls, I feel your pain.

They decided to booty dance to de-stress.. looking good there girls :P

Alamak! Vincent was thrown off Sanjiven's arms?

Well, Mandy and I weren't really interested in their love scenes, so we decided to take up a part time job as models.

That is Mandy's moment of vanity

I literally joined in... so can you guess where was the yam cha spot in the end?


We decided to riot. As you can see, the one with the nice view of her butt was the gang leader.. Hmm... Anna Sim will always be the best Italian Mafia.

Did we survive the riot we started out of the blue? Men vs. Vios. Weird combination huh?

As we thought we would be meeting our Maker, a sudden gush of wind came strongly....
Xin Yi masih sempat to immitate Marilyn Monroe's famous pose...
Charmaine, stupidly screamed "Tsunami!!!"
Mandy, " is this one of the scenes in Harry Potter?" no no wait, am I dead yet?" XD

After much consideration, we girls made a one voice decision that Rejoice badly needed new ads for their sales improvement, and so we decided to chip in for the sake of charity since we've not been very nice and Christmas is just around the corner, well, you know what Mariah Carey always say, "You better be good because Santa Claus is coming to town"
We decided to model for Rejoice Rich shampoo, rambut menggerbang...

Well.........................maybe we should do it for the CONDITIONER too.... since we're snapping pictures, so no harm eh?

Okay fine, cut us some slack. It's not wrong for Mandy and I to have an extra second of vanity spasms since Rejoice will probably have to hire for their hair cream too...

That's all folks, now you know why my phone is always with me. *winks*

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