Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I headed home right after class today at 3.30pm. I spent some time flipping through my notes and blabbing around the house like I always do. I've always been a chatterbox at home, I never want anyone of them to suspect that I have a change of mood or anything at all. I've always been the same. I attended vocal lesson and when I was done, I headed to J's church and since I was late, I offered to send him home. Well, I missed him. Hahahahaha..... I told him I wanted to see him and he was like, "....woah what did you do last night that made you this way now?"

We chatted and I liked the way he opened up to me and stuff... and I was telling him about D and G telling me to let go. He said he wants to learn, and he told me it's not just for this society, it's what we both have become in the process of it. I couldn't agree more. I told him about Ah B, I told him Ah B reminded me of him, he chuckled, but he said, "it's good that we count on each other" I said, "......yeah, at least when we're in trouble or when we need somebody, we'll know who to call on"

I exitted the Senawang high way and my sis called me, she told me to head to her house for fifteen minutes chat. I did as told and to find her crying away with bitterness. I'm upset to see things that I've failed to detect in this family. But I'm glad I'm the one she called when she faced this. I told her to take after Esther....... fast three days and then let God's word be the meditation of your speech. She said she couldn't, she's too hurt and angry. I said, "it's okay, I'll do it then, it makes no difference because we are sisters, we affect each other's lives"

It worries me too much and being in college makes it far worse. I plan on coming home everyday this week even if it kills my health... I smsed J after that, it was about 1 in the morn, I couldn't help it, but thank God he was awake still. He told me that I should do what I think is right and that he knows I won't let go neither things but just take care and take some time off, lastly, it'll be in his prayers till then. It was comforting enough, so I ended by saying I'd call him tomorrow.

It's rather beautiful in a way cos I bond with the people I love, my sis, my family members and friends. It tires me but it brings joy in me. I've never felt this happy. It's something I gotta do.

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