Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was feeling alright all day till it struck one in the afternoon, I started to lose focus in class. Then J messaged me and stuff, oh gosh, more stress more things to think about. Shortly after that SY told me that there's drama meeting today and I was like crap.... I did not eat anything since 9 in the morn and attending drama after that means only one thing... I won't be free till after 6pm. And 6pm there's CF in college.

I wanted to strive on but during the last hour of Law class I lost it all, I copied the wrong notes I was BLURR. I felt so cold........ they switched off the air con and I felt so hot... it was that annoying feeling. I tried to wipe it off saying it's probably just fatigue kicking in. I headed to drama meeting and voiced my plans. As I voiced, gosh it sounded worse than how it was the nights before. The more I spoke the more I cracked.

Anyways, I got up to leave, I couldn't take it anymore, I swayed and then that was it. I just leaned against the wall for 30 minutes. I had to skip CF today, my first day! There's assignment to pass up tomorrow and I have not done my test yet, I know, I will be lectured tomorrow. I managed to go to my room at least. I came online and told Kit Sing how I felt and told him to call me in case I don't wake tonight and I'll seriously fail my test. I wanted to eat but I was dehydrating pretty quickly, my lips cracked and my throat was so parched I couldn't swallow the bun I bought.

Everybody said don't bathe. I really want to. I'm trying not to. I'm hot and cold in split seconds. I hate the feeling, ugh...I feel like vomitting. I sent my friend to the clinic yesterday due to fever for two days, he's back in Sarawak now to receive treatment. Is this the price I pay to be kind? Sigh....I really don't know, and I was suppose to call J about the booklet cause he said Grace didn't know how to do.

As I post this, I'm getting even more tired. I'm going to drown myself with some work, I'll try to fix whatever I can for CF camp and my exam and my assignment. I hope I don't land in between my books and photoshop designing.... very dizzy now, more updates when I'm done with work and called J.

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