Monday, September 22, 2008

Music and Soul

Music and Soul Event this Saturday at 6pm, INTI-UC Nilai.

Yup, the biggie event.......yea right! It's just an event, it ain't no biggie. Well, here we are, I've finally finalized my storyline and tried not to get to Shakesperie this time like how many of you would complain. :)

A musical mime for that very one song I chose, thank you to those who attempted to coax me into acting and directing but I prefer to watch it on that day with my friends and family. Lol, SY was pretty taken aback when I told her I'd like to handle the spotlights, make up, props myself. Well, that's me, when you give me a project to work on.

I heard the song I'm directing and I don't know.... the story just flow as I heard it. Yeah, a story of love and uncertainty, cultural differences between two souls that have just met and not forgetting, met 10 feet away. Hmm... well, the way I described it sounded so intriguing and bla bla, but really, the song only lasts for 3 minutes so God knows if those peeps watching would know what I was trying to express.

The INTI concert band would be an orchestra on stage playing live the song I chose and the crew will be acting their mime at the space down there.... I want it to be dark and only spotlights. And the brilliant me added a masquerade party scene in it and now I have no idea how to get them to learn waltz in two practices. Yup, Maine the smarty pants...

Well, it is called the Music and Soul event, I was merely expressing my feelings and how I felt when the song is played.

Wish me luck!

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