Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today was blurry.......! First, let me tell you my schedule.

8.00am - Economics class
10.00am - Study for test
12.oopm- Law test
1.40pm - Leave college to ACS
2.25pm - CF practice
5.15 pm- Meet up with sis for her hair styling bla..
6.00pm - Send mom's catering
7.00 pm- Jusco with Grace Kong
10.00 pm- Collect myvi and fill petrol at Public Bank in town
11.00pm- Call Jiegie
12.00am- Do assignment and business homework

I went to JJ with Grace, we tried on some shoes and I tried on stilettos that were 2/3 inches high and I hit someone in the face whilst trying to balance. HAHAHAAHAHHA

OK. I'm sorry. But....... hahahahahahahaahahahhaah............

Now, I really don't know if J would be a good dance partner to be with cos we end up laughing all the time. Shucks...... Grace went to shop for a gown with me just now in which I have no intention to buy, merely did a fashion show for the people there... sigh

I'm cutting the CF posters now, I think I twisted my hand today but I can't recall what... probably twisted it when I freaked at a big drain in college. I feel bad now.... Mr. I is nice to me nowadays, well these few days at least. Like for the drain incident, at least he didn't leave me there but extended a hand... I wonder what's up with him.

Anyways!! It's pot bless tomorrow!!!! I'll probably pick up some roast chicken at Giant Nilai before leaving. :)

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