Saturday, September 6, 2008


You once loved me,
We once were for each other,
You once held my hands,
We once never wanted to let go,
You once whispered to me,
We once never could have enough of each other,
You once fought for me,
We once fought the world for us,
You once trust me,
I once trust you too,
I remember your hands covering mine,
I remember your scent even though you said you stink,
I am still awake at 12.45am and 6.10am,
You put me to sleep and wake me by morn,
I never used the umbrella when it rained since,
Reminds me of us both getting wet in the rain,
We quarreled then because we didn't want neither of us sick,
Umbrellas were a hindrance we said,
Let it be as long as we're together you said,
Your haunting eyes once haunted me,
Every minute every day,
You lost those eyes, blinded by the world,
As much as I don't want to,
I have to let you go,
I failed to make you see how much I love you,
Driving a myvi is a pain because you once said mybi,
I never touched Ice cream soda since because we never shared it anymore,
I never ate Snickers anymore,
You once listened to my every cry,
Now only the owls hear my howls at night,
I miss you, no not the love,
The friendship we had before it all began,
I once couldn't live without you,
You once nearly died for me,
It has been a fair trial,
But the outcome weren't that fair after all,
You won, I lost the battle,
I return you your wings, I am still standing,
As long as I still watch you from afar,
I am content, I no longer love you,
But you were once someone special,
As for now,
I just wish someone would hear my thoughts as you once did.

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