Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm nothing but in broken pieces now because I am very hurt and disappointed for all the pain that I've caused the people around me and the people whom depended on me to be disappointed as well. Tonight, I scolded someone I never knew I would, though many times I wanted to this bad. I regretted allowing things to turn out so ugly but it's too late to apologize I guess. I think this person has changed a lot, but then again, I wouldn't know what this person has gone through the past few months because I was never close to this person.

If only I could turn back time but the power of "if'' still stands tall. This is how the human nature is, when emotions are permitted to take over the logic of your brain. Well, I guess tonight I lost a friend who once cared for me but distinguished himself in that short span of time. Or maybe I did. No one to blame but myself really, my stupidity. Jieg can only tell me not to cry and to get some rest..... but we both know that it's not just the event that was over, it was that friendship that too sunk down with everything else that mattered.

I care, and I love, but I felt as though I was driven up against the walls, I may have helped a lot, but I am human, I have feelings too, if you still don't know why I bothered as much then, I guess you didn't really knew me at all. I'm dumbfounded by you, and I am crushed. I don't know what to think or what to say nor what to do.... if I ever see you again, I can only pray and hope for your own joy in you.

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