Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tonight, it was a horrible night for me really. All a sudden my plans for the Sunday went haywire and I can't seem to see myself split everywhere. I called J to tell him how stuck I was. I was pretty hurt to receive the sms........ "it's your decision, not mine, just let me know"

At that point of time, I really felt stupid. 'Cos I only am doing this because D wouldn't do it with him. So why did I have to face so many consequences? It ain't fair. And most of all, J the person whom I thought would understand despite all the ups and downs in his life that I've not failed to be absent in........gave me that cold reply.

So I said alrite, forget it. I will leave. So be it, solve it yourself. J called and texted me several times.........after much push and pull.......... I answered his call and poured out all my thoughts and hurtful opinions about him I never wanted to share. I guess I hurt him pretty badly, but he hurt me far worse.

We are okay now.........but I can no longer do anything but to only pray that D and J would someday, learn to think about other people, and run their lives like a living testimony, 'cos holding a position in the Christian way, is never easy, and it's not just for fun.

Hopefully, they'd learn to look at others before caring what's important for them, and learn to put God first despite how they really felt.

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