Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hectic life

The weekend was nothing but a hectic one.

Saturday 11th Oct 08

8.30am - Perodua (first service coz reached 1000 km)

11.00am- STM (Deaconese needed some fish)

11.15am- Wash two kancils...

1.30pm- Vaccuum-ing

2.00pm- Throw clothes in the washing machine

2.15pm- Shower!!

2.54pm- Worship practice (i was late...i'm sorry)

4.30pm- T.O.W

4.50pm- Home to pick mom up

5.10pm- Bkt Galena to pick auntie

5.30pm- City Park

6.30pm- Acasia

7.00pm- Home

8.00pm- KTM pick bro and gf

9.00pm- Dinner....swallowed in two minutes

9.15pm- CIMB bank and jo wanted to buy a phone for mom...

10.00pm- Home, study Business

10.30pm- Can't stop calling Jieg...sigh

Sunday. 12th Oct 08

3.00am - Muscle pull, cried till EVERYBODY woke up. Sorry, but it lasted for an hour.

4.00am- Refused to sleep in bed, went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

7.00am- Woke up, mom's soooo not prepared with her cooking.

8.00am- Start dressing up but I keep forgetting a lot of things.

8.30am- Finally leave home (yes, I'm late again, I'm sorry)

9.00am- Worship

10.00am- Fly to Kemayan Square

10.20am- Worship at S.O.G which lasted for an hour.....( my legs are killing me)

11.15am- Sermon ( I'm sorry Jon, I'm just too tired to pay attention)

12.30noon- Go home!!!........nope.... Jon secretly planned some getting to know you contacts are killing my eyes.....

1.00pm- Go home!

2.00pm- Had communication error over and over again with Jieg

4.00pm- Study, say bye byes to bro,Amelia,sis,Winston,Auntie

5.00pm- I decided to go back to Nilai

6.00pm- Dinner with mom, I won't leave without spending time with her of course :)

7.00pm- Started my journey. Reached Labu my car screens started to get foggy..... I can't see

8.00pm-Stranded in Labu, called mom, freaked her out.

8.20pm-Wiped the screens, wind down the windows and continued my journey.

8.40pm- Arrived, my legs were wobbly.

8.50pm- Study study study

11.15pm- Sleep.

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