Monday, October 20, 2008

My brother

I miss my brother,
Because I hate what I've been going through,
So much joy,
Flooded with so much pain,
And too much expectations,
No, I don't mean that I can tell him everything,
But spending time with my bro can cure a whole lot of these.

I remember he told the boy who kept calling me,
For phony reasons to get a grip,
I remember he stopped many other phony idiots,
I remember how he came up with ideas to fix me and my girlfriend back,
I remember how he took me out for a ride just to cheer me up.

I stay up all the time,
Whenever I know he's coming home,
Because I'm just so tired of my life,
And I just want to be close to my brother,
He may not be there every minute every day,
At least I know he's the one I can call on,
As how I hurt today.

No matter I'm right or wrong,
He takes me into his shelter,
Regardless whether he can provide me the best,
He always does whatever he can,
I just wish I could call him today,
Because I really want to talk to him.

My head hurts so much,
I'm so tired of making everyone happy,
Only to get myself hurt,
I don't know how my world will be,
When my brother leaves even farther,
Then he already have.

I won't know who to call on,
And who to run to then,
The assurance that he's door will always be open,
Will be shut,
For a reason none of us could change,
But the fact that it's the cruelty of the world,
Who insist that we should be apart.

I'm just so upset today,
I'm just so very very upset,
I'm upset with everything and one thing,
I'm upset and I don't know what to do,
And the only person I can think of,
Is my brother.

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