Sunday, October 19, 2008

That girl

The semester's coming to an end in another month's time. Missing my room mate lil by lil.

Well........ since she started a new course, things ain't the same anymore. She's got other friends to spend time with.

And....with my crazy schedule, it's nearly impossible to hang out.

When we finally start talking, my phone will ring and I'll have to spend time talking on the phone.

I'll start studying and that's when she goes to sleep.

When she's studying, I'm sleeping.

She's in class, I'll be in the library.

Dinners are always meaningless jokes....... fun....but still........ something's missing.

She's always talking about a bunch of people I'm not familiar with, and I'm always talking about a bunch of people she's not familiar with...

We try so hard to get along with each other's friends...

Situations are looking good for now, but time's not on our side.

With me travelling and trying to get here and there in time next semester.......

With her trying to get everything done and more workloads to come in order to enter into her desired uni......

The two months' break we'd be apart and not even spend Christmas together.

The fact that she can't sleep over.

The fact that we no longer speak 4000 words in a day anymore, but should be grateful there's 1500.

Took us both a lil while to actually have time to update each other on funny stuffs and latest crushes in college.

Yes, it is rather depressing. But it's life, ain't it?

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