Monday, October 13, 2008

Brown Cow

The church visit to Jonathan's church was yet another something. Seriously, I didn't want to go, I was really really tired and the muscle pull I had couple of hours back that Sunday has left a toll on me. D was right that there is no need to see him since I've not gotten anything to pass to him yet, but a promise is a promise isn't it?

First, I need to know how to fix this situation. I walked in, Jon's mom hugged me for the first time, I bent to hug her but believe it or not in that split second, I fell asleep so I didn't hug her back.........she's the only one putting her arms around get it? Embarrassing yet offending towards her. How now?

So happenly the worship was pretty lively and everybody danced around, as for me, I'm grateful enough I could sway.........and not fall face front. Kept my movements little. Then sermon, the moment where I bocor rahsia. Jon asked me which verse was it and I said 37....padahal it was 27. He gave me the questioning look. Okay, I'm sorry but I'm really tired! *sobs*

He told some dude next to me to keep his phone and pay attention. I was like =.="
I was text messaging D to keep awake. Shucks.
Alrights, then service was over, I got up thinking I could leave but then a few girls came up to me and Jon left me. Apa ni??!! I begin to tremble again....D, I think I still have a little bit of that fear...

They asked me about camp, college and stuff. Nice people really. :)
Then this dude announced that he wants to see all the youths after this, so I excused myself. But then Jon insisted on walking me to my car. Oookay.....well, I wanted to grab my heels in one hand and just flee to my car barefoot coz my legs are killing me. But he accompanied me so I had to wear my heels. hahhahahaha....

I am grateful he did walk me down coz there was a bunch of half naked foreigners downstairs. Bid our goodbyes and there I was, going home!!!

Sorry Karen, I forgot to pictures again, I seem to be very blurr these days... lol.

Did I mention I went home with a souvenir from...... ? :P

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