Monday, October 20, 2008


Supposed to go home today for vocal class at 7pm, but I got a replacement from Ian on Wednesday 6pm instead. So, I've got nothing doing in Seremban till Wednesday.

My first paper is on Wednesday!!! I'm freaking out, and so darn not prepared.

The first thing I'd want to do after I hand up my paper on Wednesday is to go home!!!!!!!!!! Miss my granny.

I worry about her most. I got Mandy to help me take a look see while I'm away. I thought J could help too but I don't think he can anymore. Sigh............

I don't know what else to do! Distance mattered. Money mattered. Granny oh granny... take care of yourself then. I'll be home soon and so sorry for not coming back tonight. She cooked my favourite yong tau foo some more.. *sobs*

Yesterday, three, bro and Jo, we departed from home together. That scenario was a little bit sad. It's funny, to finally realise how growned up we are now. Loading our cars with bags, the evening sunlight shone on us...... saying bye to Granny and locking the doors. Brother will always say : Take care of yourself, and behave! Drive carefully.

Jo and I would say, "bye buntut" to each other..

As we grow older, we'd want to achieve more things. We'd want to go far, but when there are times to think about stuffs, it's family that we miss most.

We got into our cars and departed separate ways. Same highway........... but different exits.

Same family................. but different places.

Especially mom who's now working in Puchong for a month. Conversations with us would be a difficulty as her work is rather demanding.

Michelle, now that she's got herself a new status in life, going through a new phase, won't be seeing much of her I guess.

Geez........ life~~~~

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