Monday, October 13, 2008


Yes, I know it's nearly similar to what Xin Yi posted last time but I just want to say that it's so very true.

I hate period!! I don't see why women have to suffer when men don't.
Worst off, men are never sensitive when you're having period.

1) I feel bloated even if I've not eaten anything
2) I get weird cravings, I'm NOT PREGNANT!
3) The truth that I AM a female. Tho, J treats me like a boy half the time.
4) I feel insecure.
5) I tire easily.
6) Burdens my budget just to buy pads.
7) I emo easily. Jie Guan, stop blaming me for emo-ing.
8) I'm abnormal, it won't go away!!!!!!!
9) I should be grateful I'm fertile? Yikes, I'm blogging this. hahahaha.
10) I hang out with the opposite sex so much I can't say, "Hey can you check if I've stained my

No, I'm not having PMS now, I just forgot to blog it when I had it. I'm not emo!!!!!!!!! I just can't help it, so buy me chocolates when I do, it helps :D

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