Monday, October 27, 2008

A mother's love

This feeling she has,

The wounds she carried throughout childhood,

Flesh and blood covered the scars,

Her smile in disguise of her disappointments,

But as night falls,

She sleeps in fear,

In the night's cold without the most important warmth every child needs.

The one who brought her to the world,

The soul who connected hers before birth,

The embrace of seven months,

Interdependence of two lives in one body,

Leaving them both further more apart as the days come by,

Waking every morning with tear stained cheeks.

Her hollow laughter,

Her selfless heart,

The sweetness of her voice,

Tender fingers...

But a pair of slouching shoulders,

Marks the weight of the baggage she carry within her,

Through the days of her life.

The missing piece in the puzzle of her life,

Makes all the difference,

Relieves the chill down her spine,

Everytime she sees others who are joyful,

Holding hand in hand,

Loving so unconditionally,

But as for she,

She received nothing but a road so long a journey,

Where she walked with cuts and bruises,

Where she's left with no hope but only the desperateness,

To see the dim light of her life, come to an end.

I don't know how can I console her weak heart,

How to give her something I myself wished for,

But to only live in disappointments,

And to only dream of hope,

Having faith in a dead end,

Not knowing if that door of that important someone would be opened,

Not knowing if the reality of having shared the same heartbeat with meant something..

Does our breath mean anything to the one who breathed into us?

Our very first few steps,

Our rise and fall,

Nothing else nor anyone mattered as much in both of our lives,

As children,

As a wondering soul,

Wanting nothing but only that love.

Will you know how important you are,

How terrified we get looking through those dark cold eyes,

Not having that warmth from you,

Making me wish I never left your womb,

Because that was the only time you truly loved me,

Steady feet..... not wanting to break me.

I'm broken,

But still hoping,

Because I love you,

I want your love mom,

When will you love me,

Acknowledging me as a part of you...

Because I am nothing without you.

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