Sunday, October 19, 2008

Xy and I

Xinyi, I just want to thank you for actually sending me the simplest yet most meaningful text message.

"Hey girl, care to join me for b'fast tomorrow before my service starts?

Xy : "care to go together?"

Awwww.... I've been waiting for that like so long!!!

And then throughout the whole day I was talking to her about what I've been doing the past three months. Okay, I know I bored you. I'm sorry. We shall seriously go shopping after my exams.

Not forgetting, she took time to actually read my blog from the very last post she read till the most recent just to catch up........and you know how much I post in one day!

But seriously, I'm really grateful that you'd join the camp just to support me and you never seem to spot any wrongs in me. Miss you lotz!!

And btw, J's not my new bf.... hahahaha, but I'll sure take you go meet the other J they teased me about. You tell me your opinion then! :P

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