Thursday, October 16, 2008

Itu kamu

I was clearing my cupboard in my hostel. Something made me want to open that lower drawer in which I've not really used at all. Inside, I found a box filled with letters and on top, it was a photo. Those eyes yet again. That smile was so genuine. how could I have lost such love? I really want to know. I miss you. I hurt for all the pain that you've caused. But I hurt most for losing the memory of your scent, your warmth and the contours of your body. I've never found love like this where I've fought so hard for it with you, facing the world that just hate us being one. Through it all, the person who parted that grip of our hands was you. The person who lost hope and faith in our love, was you.

When September comes, I think of you the most. Rainy season i know how ill you can get. I remember how close we walked trying to keep each other dry and warm. Oh, and how you ran a little whenever I blush and say that I love you too. What would our future that we've parted separate ways? Even if for the years to come, sweetie, will you ever know that I truly love you and I was faithful and loyal? Most of all, even if I've found another, I'd still want to hear those 3 words from you again.

Soon, I won't even get the chance to catch glimpses of you no more. I wouldn't know your whereabouts. All I have of you are words and more words and just a few snapshots. But they mean the world to me. I promised a friend of ours that I would let go and I am fine. I have let go, but, keeping the sweet memories aren't always good. Because they haunt you offguard.

.........Kau terindah....masih ada,
Kau tercantik.....
Itu kamu...

It was once beautiful, but I have understood the circle of life and the ups and downs I will face. I just so happenly found a piece of you today. Well, I guess it's what they always say, First cut is the deepest.

I know that now.

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