Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had lunch with a bunch of people I've been really close to lately. B!! ah, it's been so long since I've managed to get a hold of her to actually say a proper greeting. Busy woman she is. I'm looking forward to more lunches with her alone now that her exams are over and done with. Missing those times we shared our stories and *blush* scenes. Hahaha..

As for G, well, I don't really know her yet, but I can see that she's quite a sweet person and can be fun to hang out with. I shall be looking forward for our future lunches as this would turn into a weekly practice from now on.

The night before I called J up. I told him not to force D. It's his choice. Don't bother reminding him nor begging him. Life's not supposed to be like that. I'm glad J listened to me. But when I was at lunch, I did feel a little bit disappointed because D promised that he would not bail out this time.....

It was then D arrived. To be honest, I enjoyed his presence throughout lunch. Very friendly, very himself, very the three months ago person. How long would that last? I don't know, but I can only cherish every moment he's like that. He really made my day.

As for J, it's amazing that he's been taking notes on how I hang out with my friends. But I don't think he can catch up much with it especially money will run out like water. LOL! Good effort though, and sooner or later, things may just turn out to be better than before. I'm pleased to know that he finally understood that its not the other person to be blamed but look at yourself and make that change.

TCL, no idea much about him. But I want to know him. I hope he gives me a chance to. The other two boys who came. Well, frankly, I still can't get their names right, pardon me. But the prefect, he's been going to the library with me and J. He's such a gentleman in everything *blush* hehehehe.... the other boy.... exchanged a few sentences but more to come I hope?

I had a jolly good time even though I got carried away and forgot to eat. The aftermath was a disaster as not eating since my exams gave me a horrible horrible gastric. It wasn't the gastric that hurt as first, till my teacher made me sing with more support from my abdomen, that was .......... !@#$%


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