Monday, October 13, 2008

Caught by you

Everytime I see you,
I get this crazy feeling inside,
But I have to let it off,
Because I am afraid,
I don't know if this would last.

If you don't know me by now,
Well, I'm not every other girl,
Once try twice shy,
It takes more than sweet nothings,
If you really want to win my heart over.

Don't ask me to give it a shot,
You don't know how it's like,
To try and fail,
That's when you need to hurt yourself,
So to feel pain,
Just to know that you're alive.

When you look at me,
What do you see?
See my broken heart,
Tell me you have the remedy to cure it,
Then I'll let you in

I adore you too,
But how do I go pass this past?
Can you love me more than he did?
Can you wipe out these awful memories I dread?
Because I know I want to love you,
If only I can break free.

Nothing but transparent,
This is how I'm feeling,
I want to learn to love again,
Is this something you'd want to strive for with me?
'Cos if it's not then, don't give me hope,
Don't leave me hanging.

You make my heart leap,
You make me clumsy,
You make me blush,
But I don't know if I'd relive that history again with you,
'Cos I'd rather we remain friends,
If we'd do end like so.

Think about it,
Think about me,
Think about us,
Before you tell me,
To be yours.

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