Thursday, October 30, 2008


I thought I would have a chance to know you,
But you contributed to my bitterness,
I only met you once,
And it wasn't very nice,
If I had came up to you,
The days when you were breathing,
Would that have made a change between us?

Somewhere deep inside me,
I hate you,
Because I deserved love from you,
But when I got the news,
Thinking I could fight back those tears,
Since there was no reason to cry,
I still felt that ache,
Even though we never started off right.

I begin to understand,
That all hurts and wrongs should never be kept,
When you're dead and gone,
The emptiness inside is far worse than the grudge,
I pray to God to help you,
No matter how much they hate you,
I still think you should've been saved.

As your body lowered down to six feet under,
You carry with you your past and regrets,
So is the two you owed your love and loyalty,
I played no role in it,
But I still wonder if there had been a chance of turning back,
If there'd be a chance,
To save your life.

I cried for you,
I had that scarce love for you,
You are still my family no matter what you did,
There is no point to list down your faults,
No one would care anymore,
You have paid all your debts in full,
The minute you breathe your last breath.

Wishing there had been another way to this,
I begin to wonder why you did so last time,
I wish I had a better way of knowing you,
And having a warmer closeness with you,
I know your departure must have been a torment,
Not forgetting your last few years of hell,
By the women you thought you deserved,
I can only feel sorry,
May you rest in peace...

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