Sunday, October 5, 2008

Azlin's b'day and Raya visit

Happy Birthday to Azlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We celebrated her birthday with our mix and match techniques at Secret Recipe.
Again, I'm sorry I was late for the whole event guys, I was caught up that Saturday with a few things.

Our dear Azlin as she happily blow the one and only candle, girl, don't you get it? You ain't no legal baby like us, you're still a baby!! hahahaah
Anna, don't worry, she's not gonna blow your skirt off.... don't need to sit back soooo back :P
I know I know.... would we let her go so easily on her birthday? I mean..... everybody's mean to everybody during birthdays... so here goes..
Anna and Mandy stirring their own recipe of POOP

Yep, and they cruelly force the birthday girl to taste it.... look at it up close

There she goes!!

We were the next few victims who had to taste the poop too.... sigh....... Avin took a picture of me but I forgot to take it... ewwww

College students....... the bottom four being victimised for no reason..

Anna Sim Chooi Fen lah dalang di sebalik batu!!

Anna: Whatt??? Where got??
Na-uh Anna, don't give us that innocent look of yours...

Anna: Vincent, I really didn't leh...... believe me.....
Think Vincent believed her??

I wouldn't know but........ check this out :

Fuhyooooooo Anna's lips..... I don't even want to elaborate what was that for... the partner next to her or....... hehehehehehe :D

Wait wait.... Vincent's saying something......

Vincent: Check that out wei!!!!!!
Check what out?


Mandy dengan ganasnya wrestling with Vincent as she tries to make her stand on ''Respect women!" Jim seems to be enjoying the violence..

Is Mandy laughing or crying? I really don't know, sadly, they stopped fighting because of my camera.

Vincent decides to be innocent.... sigh, you'll never be, Vincent. What a view to be checking out at Jusco in the afternoon huh? :P

So after the birthday celebration, we headed to this person's house whom we've not met for a very very very very long time... Who's house for Raya?

Mohd. Aqmarul whom we call "Aq" My abang angkat!!! Weeeeeeeeee, I miss you bro!

Sigh, boys, they say women gossip a lot but look at them? There's nothing but gossip....

And more food..........

Mandy pulak taking advantage of the situation to catch glimpses of her "crush"..... aiyoh Mandy fat hao pulak ni

And more food.............. Aq, if it wasn't because you're my bro, I wouldn't have touched this. It totally ruined my diet *winks*

Aiyoh, laki laki ni semua..... wanna pose also pose lah at better cars... lol!!

WAIT! I just spotted Mandy's car parked SENGET!!!!!! Pffffftttt... hehehe look at the white kancil... lol... kidding lar, not like it mattered...

Me and my bro...I love you, bro! Forever so sweet lah he, he told me to go home, pack up some clothes and stay over the weekend. Awwww!!!! Don't go back Penang lah wei, aku rindu abang angkat aku lah. HAHAHAHA
For those who don't understand:
Aqmarul and I became foster siblings since Standard 6 UPSR. It was some sort of a school ritual or something to put a few students under one teacher. Well, it wasn't the teacher that mattered in the end, it was the siblings !!! heheheehe.....

Well since we were just around the corner...... we had to go to another person's house before heading home...................

The crime scene:

Who murdered the snake?

Good old cat! What's his name? You don't wanna know....... you should ask are you sure it's a cat? Cos it's name is "Chirpie" Yikes eh?
Mandy's obssessed with it but when it comes near her, she runs ten yards away........okay a little bit of exaggeration there.
Anyways, Chirpie lost so much weight ever since somebody started college, so mean lar you woman!

What are they looking at over there??
I must admit it's quite a nice "view" of them over here.....hahahahahaah :P

So that's what they've been looking at.
I must admit that it has grown into a very disgusting or should I say......inappropriate way... hehehehe

So who's house is it?

None other than the Birthday girl -- Azlin Shahida who enjoys catfood for afternoon snacks..

Alright, we were so done with that day, energy level low. That's all for now!

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