Friday, October 3, 2008


So here we are, at that very annoying breaking point again. I got up yesterday morning and I text S telling him evrything's going fine and we shal all meet this Saturday to complete whatever's left to do. I took time to rest, study and do what I've been neglecting and stuff like that. Then at night, two of my friends were really upset because most of us did not make it to the yam cha session they planned. M and I felt really horrible after that and so we did a version called, "Darurat" ... no, we did not set curfews for people to stay at home, but rather an emergency planning and held another mini yam cha session. It went well, we were all exhausted but hey, a friendship was all that counts right? I shall upload the pictures later.

As I was enjoying my yam cha, a received an sms from Jon, telling me that he'd really like to postpone things if possible, sigh, I worked it out with him and finally he said that he'd be alright if it's like the plan I mentioned. So things were going alright again. Till this morning, I was supposed to meet Jieg and head on to Heng papers' to get the booklet materials..... then it wasn't open cos we were too early, as I was sending him back, he forgot that there had a choir practice today.

I was late for Azlin's birthday, and mom was not home yet, and grandma was home alone. Craps right? Peggy called Jieg's phone bout the practice and yes, obviously she was a little mad.... but I took the phone from him and said, "Hey Peg, want me to come over and help? Sorry, I took your bassist aways for a few minutes" Thank god she said, "Oh yes, please come." Lol, went there to save Jieg's butt and it was fun lar, I don't take it as a Superman episode or whatsoever. Sigh..... time to go and then when I broke the news to the somebody, that somebody said he cannot make it. Pfffttt............... well, whatever Jon commented about me, he was right, I can't be bothered to yell at him even though he said he can't make it, hahahaha Jon says I'm too nice. Funny, I've not met him yet.

Jieg asked me what's next, I said, I really don't know..... but I will have to do it myself then, I can't bail people off so many times. Head on to Jusco, celebrated Azlin's birthday. It was great!!! Then we headed to Aqmarul's house for Raya visit, it really felt homely to be with my abang angkat again, I missed him so much. Sigh...

On my way home, I headed to Grace's house to get the booklet pictures from her. She was pretty sweet, "Sorry, I was upstairs, thanks yea, and it's thirty copies here to color" :)

I'm home now, and I'm rushing. Promised Kit Sing to yam cha with him. I hope I can hold on, if I can, then I can wait for Jieg to finish at church and run over some things with him. I shall have coloring marathon tonight....... no matter what, 30 copies before 11 am tomorrow, must be done.

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