Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday 24/10/08

Well, I love Shaun!!!! weeeeeeee.... What a way of declaring my love for him. hahaha, shucks. Glad to see most of the things done lately. And D keeping his word for now about working his ass off. :)

My exams!!!! Well, I'm bucking up even more today. Not planning any outings. Just MGT MGT MGT MGT till I surrender myself. (p/s: MGT's Business Studies)

J's sick. Shucks, poor fella. Still calling me and coughing away and staying up. Need to give the bugger a slap to make sure he gets some rest. Mirroring my superwoman stunts is suicidal.

Yup, I walked out of my vocal class again. Well, I'm a person who don't waste any time. Since I don't remember the notes, I'm going home.

I sent my car to the car wash! Ten bucks. Foine, I'm too tired to wash so yea, lucky you people get business from me at 7.45am in the morning. hmph!!

I scolded Gracie yesterday night in public. She caused me a lot of trouble thanks to her absurd lifestyle of meeting up with men. She enjoys being a drama queen faking that she's in trouble and in a state of danger just to find her skimpily dressed and in an intimate position with a boy she's not met for a very long time. She made me drive out all the way and involving Kit Sing since it wasn't safe at such an hour at night, for stupid reasons. Enough is enough girl. Get a grip or get gone. I'm still considering whether I should expose her doings to her mom. I hate it when she uses my name saying I'm hanging out with her when I'm so not. It's unfair, the last time something happened, I got scolded by dad due to Uncle D's phone call complaining that I spend a lot of time with her outside with weird freaks.

I have a reputation, my integrity, not forgetting my dignity. I'm sooooooo at my breaking point with her. She's so vulnerable yet idiotic at times. I don't know what I can do to help her and at this point of time, I don't have the time, energy, effort, and money to do so. I need to aid those who appreciates help and progress from it first.

But I must express my gratitude to Kit Sing being willing to come out at such a short notice and so late at night. As we both know, that boy she met is no lousy "aqua", he ain't good, and it doesn't take a straight A student to notice that.

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