Monday, October 20, 2008

10 things

Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna knock your head for tagging me. LOL!

foine! buntut! :P

ten things people don't know about me. aites. embrace yourself.

1. i hate buying shoes cos they'll never have my size. i'm a size 9. yeah, laugh about it, i'm a big foot

2. i hate buying bras cos those sales girls would just buckle it on you out in the open. not like i mind, but i don't want you to know my size!

3. i think i have a tad of liking for that new boyfriend you guys been teasing me about. *blushes*

4. i want people to force me on stage to sing, i need that.

5. i miss someone, no he's not my boyfriend. i just e-mailed him that. well, i have been telling him that many times.

6. i want a boyfriend who is so darn in love with me, he can't live without me at all. yikes...

7. my first crush was a boy in kindergarten, we actually held hands. and i was only 6.

8. i have this wish i never told anyone before : i want to hug everyone i meet when i meet them and when i say goodbye. i didn't actually fulfill it, i don't know how to tell them.

9. i like to crack lame jokes or even embarrass myself just to make people laugh.

10. i am always too lazy to go pee.

who do i tag?

well............i'd like a lil switch. this new tag would be : Ten things you like about Charmaine.

and i tag my room mate back.......since it's a different topic now :P

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