Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fire Rekindled

I've never thought that I would have that passion for voice again. Seriously, my plan yesterday was to tell my teacher that I've decided to quit. Period. However, on Sunday, D offered for practice before my vocal lesson and I have no idea why I went for it. I arrived at his place after having a session of annoyance with the guard at the guard house who could not even tell me that I was supposed to hand in my driver's license. I was pretty annoyed with the way he looked at me.

Anyways, driving off from the guard house to D's house, I almost run the plastic cones down. Well what do you expect? I was fuming then. I was tired and hungry. I popped my head in cause he refused to answer whether his mom was alright with it. Guess that was no turning back so I hopped in....

Me: Auntie
D: See that wasn't that bad...

Anyways, D immediately landed his behind on the piano chair and started playing my piece. The pangs of nervousness hit me as my hands begin to tremble with apprehension. I had to sing there and then. No more shelter behind the door of my teacher's studio. I'm out in the open now, and D's residence was a villa style and yes, I assume it wouldn't be difficult for my voice to travel to the rest of the neighbourhood.

I couldn't really give my fullest soprano voice but I managed to not crack. Everything was smooth flowing till D came up with an experiment as in to sing a song that I was darn familiar with from one key to another in ascending. LOL!!! But I had fun.

Apparently somebody was having a bad cough for quite some time. I got to know when his mom said no to that thirst quenching chilled apple juice fresh from the refridgerator. Regardless of the fact that he may have already spread the disease to me, he attempted the drink again as his mom popped out for a phone call. No offence D, you need lotsa practice with your acting.

You see, his mom came in just in time as I finished my sentence...

Me: Your mom said cannot drink ah!!
D: How does that affect my cough?
Me:(I gave him the you want to die look)

Then D in some way, put the box at his side, hello?? HAHAHAHAHA, how can that ever work?

Practice lasted for about 3 hrs. Till he begin his convincing act

D: Why can't you just bathe here?
Me: No, I've asked too much, I'll bathe at Ian's.
D: Why our toilets are so unworthy for your use? I'm offended, I'm offended on behalf of my family.
Me: What the??!!
D: You stink, get away, go to the loo!! You stink ewwww!!

Oh sigh, what am I suppose to do with this dude? I left shortly after that (without taking a bath) and headed to Ian's. I sneaked into the bathroom had a jolly good time till my phone started singing, "I think I better leave right now" I was dressing up when I think I heard someone trying to get in the door(studio). My first expression was like "aaaahhhhh!!!!"

Anyways, the lesson went on well. I think with D's help I managed to open up my voice faster than my usual self. I was told I've improved, etc. Hopefully it continues to. I've never felt so alive with singing till that day. Hooray to that and hopefully my career path would be it too.

Thanks D. I will remember to take a bath at your place next time. LOL!

N/B: I felt rather dizzy the other night, I went to bad earlier than expected, I didn't even get the chance to take off my specs or change into my jammies but I just lied and slept. My phone rang, it showed : xxxxxx House, so I answered, the voice said, "Maine, can you come over to my place now? So I asked what's up? Anything urgent? The voice only said, "Heck yeah, come now." I drove there to that house and then I nervously stepped into the house and found the person who called me and this lady. Then the voice said, "Let's start practicing now" and headed to the piano, then I said huh? Its impossible you're not allowed to. Then the lady said, "He's allowed to now" It was so overwhelming that I just couldn't believe my ears, I dropped my keys, my phone, my purse... that's when I woke up, it was a dream after all"

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─Éarren said...

i'm really glad your passion for music was rekindled, even if it was only for a day. hopefully, you'll remember that day in the future, when the going with music gets tough :) don't give up on music, even if you give up on the lessons

vaga luna said...

thanks darren, it really did come back to me for one day. and you won't understand the thrill till you experience it yourself. making music with you has made me feel so alive. sadly only lasted a day. but i'll remember it. :)

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