Friday, July 11, 2008

A one day acquaintance

I accepted a job that I shouldn't have. The fact that I'm not good in those subject is enough to kill. The education of those who would be attending my class is in my hands. Though I loved teaching, though given the lecture notes I can somewhat make out of it, I can't teach just like that. However, it was a help needed by a close family friend in which I failed to say no. This whole week I've got myself into a lot of things. Assignments especially.. sigh!!

Anyways, I arrived at the tuition centre obviously freaking out since I've gotta teach a bigger class now. Walked into the classroom to see bout 25 dudes? I walked straight to the front and the voices of them gossiping eventually died down.

Me: Goodevening
Class: Goodevening

So then they looked at me really awkwardly. The silence was defeaning so I decided to give it a shot and break the ice..

Me: um... One quick question? Am I in the right class? cos I was told to teach english here..
but no one seems to be talking to me.. and um.. should I speak a different language?

The class giggle a little so then I said " alright guys ready to start yet?Any questions you wanna ask me before I start the lesson?"

The minute they heard the word "guys" a smile curved up on their faces. They asked for my name and so the class begun.. I walked around a lot, gone to each individual explaining as much as I can wherever they didn't understand. Two indian boys were giggling and talking whilst I was teaching so I turned around and asked "What's so funny? I'm not pretty enough to teach is it?"(with one hand on my waist)... if so then I'll just go home now......" ---the class rolled with laughter. HAHAH

So they denied (thank god!!!) So then I said, I don't understand tamil though I'm indian but I don't want to let you know what I know and what I know is something that you don't wanna know. So then they freaked and kept quiet.

They cheated me by saying that their teacher would give them the answers after reading it once. So I said it wasn't fair. We came to an agreement where I'd do one question and they'd do one. So cute!! Like little kids..

I cracked more jokes here and there and soon the English class was over. They left and I could hear the boys telling someone out there that the teacher was pretty. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
So sweet...!
The girls came to me and asked if I'd come back next week, sadly, no

Science class was hilarious. The first ten minutes I confused myself and them between exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction. It was a class of five. So I decided to sit down and stop the teaching pose and discuss with them as a group. I enjoyed seeing them looking at me so attentively and giggled at my examples..

So the Haber process cannot have too high temperature for the ammonia will decompose. It has to be just right. In a way, if you're a size M and you insist on buying L you'll probably be pulling your pants up every few steps or else.... (sneaky laugh). Buying a size S will probably make you turn blue and faint before you even get anywhere. Hence, "ngam ngam" I said. 450C would be it.

An hour passed, it was time to go, I couldn't finish the haber process's summary, but to my surprise they asked if I'd want to teach on till the next day cos they'd like to stay on. OMG!!! They're like the sweetest people I've ever met.

I really enjoy teaching.. :)

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