Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slap me for free

Its time for me to distant myself I know and yet I still felt so comfortable talking to him. He already made it clear why am I so stupid? I can't believe I told him my laxative incident. What an embarrassment. I must be firm this Sunday. I cannot cause him to have me as a burden anymore. If he does want to converse with me, I'm sure all my means of contact he has a copy of them already.

I'm glad he dedicated these three lines for me though:

1)would an acquaintance send sms even though he knows his credit is dangerously low?
2)would an acquaintance spend so much time talking to a person online even though it doesn't
please his parents?
3)would an acquaintance go all the way down to kl just to be with you for a


Tough situation....

Please feel free to slap me back to reality.

You may do so by simply typing the word slap to my comments

1 lovebites:

Karen said...

SLAP!! wakakaka....i gave the first one ;p Anyways...even in a zillion wouldnt be a burden to anyone. ur just too lovable and cheerful. P/S:watching rat story tomorrow

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