Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lifestyle adaptation

So here we are,I have made my hostel rental payment for the next semester yesterday. This means that I am officially the P3-04 resident till November. I don't know if I've made the right decision in this because I think I'm not really comfortable with the way things are. I have to constantly worry about home and I don't really like the college life here. I find that now being in college I face a lot of communication problems. Culture differences and lifestyle differences does affect. I don't feel like me most of the time. However, I think I developed one value -- patience.

Everything that is going on in campus life is no easy task to handle with. Its not as good as being home where I can say whatever I want and know that whatever I say would not be mistaken as sarcasm and crude. I'm pretty upset to be honest since certain lecturers have the impression that I'm not the kind who speaks of the truth and often think I'm sarcastic.

Rather upsetting really. Sadly, I can't really cope with the 8am classes. Next semester, I'll begin my semi on campus life and travelling. It'll be even more stressful but I don't think I have a choice. I think the only time I really enjoy myself in college was in the first semester where everything was rather superficial. Just adequate. Its not like I'm not happy with how I am now, its just that I realize that I don't quite fit in in the socializing part. Perhaps this is what they talk about life in the outside world.

Hmmm... its a good thing mum understands. But I must make clear that its not that I don't have great friends over here. I do in fact. I'm rather content and happy with them. Communication barrier is something I'd have to work on between mates and educators.

I hope I'll be able to mould myself into a better person. Wish me luck!

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