Sunday, July 27, 2008

I love that smile on you

"Will you be singing tomorrow?" That was the last sentence I got. Well, I'm here though its totally against what I had in mind. When I was done singing, I knew I had to leave, I got downstairs and decided to make myself useful though cucumbers weren't really my thing. Grace knew something wasn't right cos I kept walking back and forth with the cucumber without doing anything about the ants crawling up my arms.

I couldn't help recalling the last few sentences we had last night. I wish I could undo things as to not get you involved with it at all because it hurts me really bad to see you like this. Draining you out would be something I never want to happen. I'm a little more careful with myself now as to not keep things inside me till I nearly sliced my wrists two years ago but I did it the wrong way. I caused you pain. I was so self absorbed into the comfort of having my heart beat at a normal pace with you being around that I have not noticed your sky rocketing blood pressure.

I don't know how to explain the way I'm feeling today, I've been watching you. I see you smile. It felt like, hmmm, smelling a fresh bouquet of roses. I didn't know how to react, because I'd give everything up for you to have that in you. The need to breathe normally with your presence was too intense that I did not realise the harm that caused this friendship. I can never lose you again, because when I was walking in Memphis with a broken heel, you were there.

Seeing you frown and to be too deep in thought about something depressing is not what you're here for. You're a song of joy, a person who has a song in him but may have not realised it. Allow me to mend it for you dear, that matters more even if I lose the highs, at least I'm spared the lows. :)

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